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Life Coach

Transform Your World


It is truly exciting and empowering to be the you
that you want to be. Together lets unleash your potential and actualize your dreams!
TLS will help you:
  • Gain Clarity
  • Eliminate the “Stuck” feeling
  • Address Self-Sabotage
  • Transition Successfully
  • Emotionally and Physically Detox
  • Develop a Life Plan
  • Intentionally Build a Better Life
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Executive Coach

Transform Your Leadership


Would you like “77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction and 48% improvement in quality”; the right coach at the right time can help you achieve this.

TLS Coaches can help if you need:
  • A Confidential Trusted Adviser
  • A local CEO Advisory
  • To Build A Better Relationship with the Chair
  • To Build a Better Team
  • To Align or develop Life and Career Plans
  • To Intentionally Becoming a Better leader
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career and organization?If you are ready take our free Vision Fulfilled: Life and Work Course then setup your free consultation!

Business Consultant

Transform Your Organization

organizational health report

Twenty-first century challenges call for a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. TLS creates a team of the best thinkers with experiences relevant to your unique issues and competitive landscape. We are committed to empowering nonprofit organizations and leaders to increase capacity, seize opportunities, proactively engage challenges, and strategically position for sustainablility: We can be trusted to help you:
  • Build A Mission Driven Organization
  • Create A Culture of Continuous Learning, Team Work and Mutual Respect
  • Become A Leader In Your Arena
  • Create TQM and Talent Management Programs
  • Evolve operating models and organizational designs
  • Build effective decision making and performance management systems
Imagine your impact when you move from surviving,to striving,to sustainability!
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If so, excellent you are ready to create your best life now, and unleash your potential!
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