I was so excited to have a walking partner I didn’t notice the look I had so long worn well. We were walking, laughing, just having a good time when something I said evoked a response that I immediately recognized. She was a widow just like me but unlike me she was still hurting like it was yesterday or how I looked at three years after he died. She was in her fifth year. His death was devastating enough but the living losses went way beyond the normal. Right after the funeral she lapsed into a 7 month coma. You could not tell it unless she told you but the coma had caused brain damage. When she left the hospital she did not go home to their home but to a new home with her children and grandchildren. She had gained 90 pounds and loss her hair. Her faith was strong but her self-esteem was gone. Interestingly, I had just launched my radio show Soulicious Tips For Living and the first series was on The Trans-formative Power of Grief and Loss. I knew why God and the Universe had brought us together. She’s currently working our 4R Advantage program which includes a seasonal deep cleaning program of a different kind. The 4 rs are Release,Reflex, Refine and Rejuvenate. It’s designed to help you release emotional and physical toxins, reflect on and refine your life plan, and rejuvenate your physical, mental, and spiritual self. I customized the plan to reflect her needs, goals, and priorities. I am learning as much or more from her as she is learning from me.

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  • An Autumn Meditation October 19, 2014
    This meditation helps us to be more accepting of change, it opens our hearts to the possibilities all around us and enhances our capacity to attract the resorces we need to achieve our goal to live life to the fullest for the highest good. We provide simple, soul-delicious ideas, techniques, and solutions that will awaken […]

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