New and ReAwakened-A 7 Day Self-Guided Retreat

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    Are you Not Giving What You Need to Key Relationships

  • Too Many Involvements
  • Intensity Level Much Too High
  • Planning and Play still too Rushed
  • Midget Worries Turning into Imaginary Monsters
  • Life too Predictable…Not Enough Creativity


This is the great Charles R. Swindoll in his book Day by Day (not the girl silly-she's just overwhelmed with life) discussing the feelings that alert him to the need to refuel, renew, refresh and recover.

I know of no other way for stopping such an ugly, rat-infested existence than deliberately pulling off the racetrack and taking stops… Your pace is your problem and my pace mine. We got ourselves into this maddening race, and each one of us is personally responsible for the speed at which we are driving ourselves. I can’t promise instant and total transformation, but I can assure you of this: It will be the most unusual pit stop you will make. You’ll not only get your tank filled, you’ll also get your rats killed.
This is a 7 day at-home-retreat designed to do just that if you are ready. Are you really ready to …refresh and recover so you can reenter the race and run with diligence to achieve your best life now? Download now to start your journey today.

We assess many things by you choosing to commit to this retreat and giving yourself permission to dedicating this time out of your very busy and perhaps frantic life. The most important of our assessments is your coach-ability and whether we are your best fit if indeed you are ready. Regardless of where you land on this spectrum we hope we have provided the right tools for you to enhance your journey to YOUR NEW AND REAWAKENED SELF!

So, Are You Ready? If so, excellent you are ready to create your best life now, and unleash your potential!



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We offer Focused Solutions, Transformative Results!

Our purpose of offering the New and Reawakened 7 day self-guided retreat is to help you live your life to its fullest potential by uncovering, and exploring your authentic self, this ignites your passions and desires so that you can fulfill your Divine Inspired Life Purposee. We will guide you in how to use that awareness to help you live your best life now. In our work, we help individuals, groups and organizations to clarify and strengthen their sense of purpose. Today if you were asked, what core values and beliefs underlie most of your thoughts, actions and decisions what would you say? Are you clear about your life purpose or are you still searching for your life purpose? Are your life plans growing in alignment with your values, passions, and dreams?

It is truly exciting and empowering to be the You
that you were meant to be and want to be. Together lets unleash your potential and actualize your dreams!
The New and Reawakened You 7 Day Self-Guided Retreat will kick start your Self Discovery Journey and help you:

  • Breakfree of living on autopilot
  • Determine key Influences that keep you from Living Your Dreams
  • Clarify Your Values and Beliefs
  • Reawakened Dreams and Passions
  • Develop Your Life Purpose Statement, and help you
  • Intentionally Build a Better Life

Beginning this work is a precursor to us working with you. Once you have completed your New and Reawakened retreat: you may find that you would like to go deeper; you need help aligning this new and reawakened you in a purposeful strategic plan to realize your dreams; or, you just want an accountability partner-whatever- just order your free initial coaching session and we can explore together whether we are a good fit.


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