TransformativeLifeSolution, founded in 2007, offers Focused Solutions, that yield Transformative Results that help individuals, leaders, and organizations to intentionally fulfill vision and mission. In our work, we help align your personal and professional life and work with your vision, core values, passions and dreams.

Shelley Hughley

Shelley Hughley


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I believe the best way I can introduce myself and how I came about founding TransformativeLifeSolutions in 2007, incorporating in 2010, is by sharing a pivotal time in my life.

You see, for 30 years, I developed, managed, and was an administrator of social service programs. I successfully contributed to programs for the elderly, homeless, minorities, people with HIV/AIDs and women. Programs I developed, Agencies I led, and I personally were presented with numerous awards. Conservatively I easily helped over 10,000 people. Career bound and mission driven I often worked 60-70 hours per week and I once went 9 years (totally not recommended) without a vacation. Needless to say my marriages and child suffered.

In 2004 I begin experiencing a series of professional and personal losses that left me burned out and deeply gripped by complicated grief. I was frustrated, tired and worn out by the constant stresses of Board and staffing headaches and the financial and emotional strains of running a nonprofit and being a new widow. On top of it all, I felt disjointed and disconnected from those I most cared about. My life was out of balance and nearly out of control. The pain of loss and burnout became so bad that I started abusing alcohol in an effort to numb myself so I could just get through another day. I even thought death would be easier before I finally woke up and realized that life did not have to be so hard and unrewarding. It was at that point I finally sought help, and with that help I turned my life around.

I share this to let you know that I know firsthand how distressing it can be to lose that sense of purpose and meaning in your life. Also, to assure you, if you’re going through difficult times or having your own ‘crisis of meaning’, there is life on the other side. Like Maya Angelou poem, no matter the past, I Still Rise and you can too! It is possible to arise from the ashes… which is why I founded TransformativeLifeSolutions. I’ve dedicated my life to assisting others to bring a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to their life so they can reach their highest potential.

Of course, such a profound life transformation rarely happens overnight. Over the course of the last six years, my own personal journey has included being trained by some of the finest transformational coaches in the world. I am currently pursuing certification.  I realize the importance of having a good fit between a personal coach and the client. If you feel like I may be able to be of service to you, assisting you to bring a deeper sense of purpose to your life and your work, then the next step is to take our free courses.

I also added an affordable executive coaching and nonprofit business consultant services to the mix of offerings because as an Executive Director I often could have benefited from a trusted advisor and coach. I also feel nonprofits are often ripped off by consultants that charge huge fees with little or very little return on investment. We guarantee our work- Talk to us we can help!



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Dependent upon the contract we have a number of experienced coaches and consultants to assist in meeting your needs.

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